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Monday, October 22, 2007

Celinda loves Mel

I have to use my real name and not my alias. Today is a special day. I can't say Calamity loves General Wolfe, it doesn't have the same feel.
15 years ago, the night of October 22, 1992 Mel called Celinda and sang "I'm getting married in the morning. He said he had always wanted to do that" October 23rd Mel married Celinda in the Seattle Temple. I am Celinda and am the girl Mel picked.

Mel, 16 years ago you found me on the fifth floor in the Library and tried to come up with an opener. You said "Hey, Celinda I was wondering if you had a calculator." Very unconventional, but a good line for an engineer and former math major (what were you doing without a calculator?) it was not too sexy, not too bold. Me being the psych major had no need or desire for one but I wanted to keep you around. I told you I had been meaning to buy one, and wouldn't you go with me to pick one out? You were tall, I loved your shoulders your green eyes, cute mushroom cut hair and wire rim spectacles. I was intrigued by your foreign accent and your tendency to spell random words with an e on the end - i.e. centre. I loved that you said the word Eh at the end of sentences and that you wore a fisherman sweater and timberland boots. I loved your kindness and your brain - Who else knows why the inside of a cars windows get wet when it is cold outside? My roommates had been talking about you for weeks and I was amazed that I was the one who got your pick up line. I loved sitting next to you in church and hear you sing the bass part, I loved your voice and loved to hear you speak. I loved feeling your arm muscle flex as you held the hymn book - did you do that on purpose because my hand was there? I loved that you took me to see Madam Butterfly and The Marriage of Figaro - the things I loved you loved too.

Remember when you told me you knew that I was the one you wanted to marry? You were wearing your charcoal wool jacket, tan pants and saddle oxfords. You looked so handsome with your striped shirt and green tie with the leaf print. My heart beat out of control. I remember taking it to the temple and getting an answer - Yes! I had the go ahead to follow this dream! When you finally proposed to me (with the ring I had hurried and put a deposit on while you were away - I didn't want to take any chances) I screamed and kept jumping up and down. I couldn't contain myself. I loved the way my life was turning out. I hadn't ever been so excited and happy. When I bought that grey solar calculator on the bottom floor of the BYU bookstore I could have never guessed it would be the best purchase of my life.

Today I tried posting our song "Unforgettable, the song we listened to while studying in the LRC, but it took me over an hour to fail, and you kept coming in asking me what I was doing, so I gave up. I tried to scan a wedding picture, but you always do that, enabling my complete computer dorkiness. So Mel, sing our song in your head and picture our day and know I love you. You have made my life better, more full, more delicious, more fun. You are my knight and I am forever your petunia, thanks for the dance.


Marc and Megan said...

SO SWEET!! Congrats to you both!!

Amy said...

I loved this! Happy 16 years together! What a ride. I love anniversaries. It's a great excuse to be mushy and remember the days when you first met and dated. I hope you have a wonderful day!

mindyluwho said...

Awwww how sweet! This was very fun to read. Happy Anniversary!

I love your name. My real name is Melinda!

Maine Mom said...

This is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Awwwwww. Happy Anniversary! :)

It'll be 16 years for us in February! Yay!!!

Rebecca said...

I am this close *holds thumb and forefinger 1/4 inch apart* to breaking out in the sniffles. How sweet! Congratulations to the both of you!

I'll bet he appreciates your efforts in putting memories on the computer. I know I would be in the same boat. Your family pic is adorable!

Yvonne said...

You picked a VERY GOOD DAY to get married!!! I hpe you have a wonderful anniversary.

Roxane said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

General Wolfe said...

To my lovely wife,

You are so very kind in your words. Those happy memories of finding you in the library make me grin from ear to ear.

I am so glad I found you and that you didn't have a calculator with you so we could walk over to the bookstore together.

Fifteen years have flown by and I am so glad I flew through them with you. You are my dearest love.


Lucy said...

Celinda is a beautiful name. Happy Anniversary to you both!

Carrot Jello said...

Roxane wrote on your blog for your anniversary?
It WAS my birthday.
Did I see Calamity on my blog?
But, because I'm nice like that, I'll be happy for your anniversary anyway.

Davis family said...

That was so totally beautiful. I love the way you write. You brought tears to my eyes. Wishing you both a very wonderful day today.

Kimberly said...

Congratulations! And my husband thanks you in advance for the big hug he's getting when he walks in the door!

Trixie said...

Happy Anniversary!

On Monday I was just telling my dinner guests the story of your wedding dress. You loved the first one you tried on -- and we all agreed-- it was perfect. Glad you didn't use that same approach with the guy...Mel was worth the wait!

spidermom said...

Happy anniversary!! I love love LOVE to hear stories of real people in love. Real people married for time and all eternity!
Really? Yes!

I'm catching up to you... 14 years next month.

Tara said...

I hope your anniversary was really great! What a great story, what a great couple!

Denise said...

Those little things -- the flexing arm and the mushroom haircut, the extra e's and the saddle shoes -- those are the things that make a memory. Happy Anniversary!

Calamity Jane said...

Thanks everyone for the good wishes. We had a wonderful day!