Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Work Hard - Eat Fat"

Last week I had a minor nervous breakdown, nothing serious, just a mom thing, so I didn't post much. Sorry. I am also going to have this post be my last until next Monday morning. I am sure you are all just as busy and won't even miss me.

Saturday, a very thin mom in my ward said that her grandma taught her "Work Hard, Eat Fat". Jennifer If you are listening thank you for putting my whole philosophy into four words.

Every morning when the alarm goes off I cannot see myself exercising. I don't have better words to put it, but the action seems impossible. I have mentioned time and time again how I have to get dressed in a trance like state in complete denial that I am about to go out in to the cold dark morning and make myself sweat. I just love to eat. That is what gets me out.

I love eating through the holidays. Bringing back memories through taste is probably not the healthiest way, but it is wonderful during December. If I am consistent in exercising, the damage I do eating down memory lane is repairable.

If I exercise more and try to eat a bit better my holiday skirt will not cut off circulation to my toes. Some recipes I can make a bit healthier, I can give away more of, or I can try sabotage. Sabotage for me is easy, I hate walnuts, they make my mouth itch, so I through a handful in tempting food. Of course I do this only where appropriate i.e. if I make fudge I try to make it with walnuts. I will eat it anyway, but the act of sucking the fudge off the walnuts takes a bit longer and makes me a bit more thoughtful.

Good luck this Thanksgiving, enjoy it, I hope it is wonderful for each of you, just don't forget to get a workout in first thing Thursday morning. I know you hate to get up on a holiday, but I know you are the same people who will get up early Friday and subject yourself to hell in the form of a six a.m. sale at Wall Mart. It is possible, I don't want to hear any excuses. Get your priorities right. "Work Hard - Eat Fat" is better than "Sleep in - Eat Celery"


Davis family said...

I love that. That is classic. I would much rather eat fat than celery. Unless it is celery with fat on it with the name spray cheese. That is the only way to eat celery.
Thanks. You are awesome as always.

Tara said...

Yes, I'm busy but you'll definitely be missed. Not until next Monday?

I always love reading your thoughts.

Yvonne said...

I'm with the Davis family--I love celery with peanut butter on it!!! I have to get back into the swing of exercise!!!! (Didn't do much but walking on vacation--but I sure did my share of eating ; )

Michal said...

i've actually been to the gym twice this week and am determined to get there again at least once prior to eating a bird on thursday (but who are we kidding, it's not the bird that's the problem.) thanks for your pep talk. i'm going to remember work hard, eat fat is much better than sleep in, eat celery.

Carrot Jello said...

How dare you not call me when you're having a breakdown. I thought we had a deal.

Courtney said...

"Work Hard, Eat Fat". That is my new mantra.

mindyluwho said...

Love the philosophy! Today I'm going for a bike ride with my husband and daughter to ride off some of the fat!

I'm sorry to hear about the nervous breakdown, I've had a few myself the last few weeks and they aren't fun to go through! I hope everything is all right.

Have a great week!

Heffalump said...

Well, I am a little happy that I didn't miss much. I have been basically offline as far as blogs and blogging goes for the last week and a half. I look forward to Monday though.
Thanks for all you do and for inspiring so many people.