Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

An idea

I keep hearing of bacteria that mutate and make themselves immune to antibiotics that had formerly been successful. My fat does that too. I can just get eating figured out then I mutate and I find a whole different way to justify eating the entire content of my pantry and freezer.

So, I keep a notebook. I am not a scrapbooker which drives me crazy, I am ok with journaling, but my fatty notebook is great. I buy any magazine that has women who have lost 1/2 their sizeon the cover. I love to get new ideas. Once gal, Alicia Forde said this:
"When I sit down to a meal I eat my favorite things first - for me, saving the best for last just makes me crave more. I also avoid snacking because I have trouble stopping once I get started."

She lost 152 lbs in 17 months. I think its a great idea.

Another idea comes from Shelley Napier who lost 120 lbs:"
I'm a real planner. I carry around protein bars, because if I don't, my hunger takes over and I end up in line at a bakery. When I'm cooking, I splash Tabasco sauce on everything - the spicy kick makes me eat slower, so I don't consume as much."

I like my fat book, when times get tough, and I don't have any more tricks up my sleeve I look to others who have succeeded and let their ideas pull me along. It only takes one change a day to lose weight and create a healthy life. We don't have to figure it out by ourselves, others can do it for us (the figuring anyway).


Kimberly said...

I'm stealing this idea and doing a runner. Brilliant!

Rebecca said...

Hmmm...a fat book! Fantastic! I love it!

You got me to thinking....a lot of people do great when they're inspired, and then they get bogged down. Instead of waiting for the inspiration, go seek it out!

Wait...I already do that.

I visit your blog!!!!!

(But I think I'll still steal your notebook idea.)

Yvonne said...

Another great idea--you have the best!!! Thanks.

Watermelanie said...

LOOOVE this idea. I am always so inspired by amazing people doing amazing things--you just gave me a way to keep tabs on stuff like this without its clutter taking over my house!

Aubrey said...

What a great idea! You are inspirational yourself!
I am now in the "I Just Had a Baby and Desperately Want to Lose the Weight but I'm Nursing and Can Out-eat My Husband" boat right now.
Your blog gives me great ideas and inspiration to get going! (I really liked your thoughts on getting a blessing when trying to lose weight. I think I may do that this time around!)
Thanks for your blog!!

Natalie said...

You know...that fat book sounds great! I need to start doing that too. Thanks for the idea.

I had a binder where I put pages from magazines that showed exercises you can do from home. I also put some pictures of me when I was smaller as motivation. I started gathering nutrition information from restaurants too. I wish I could find that's still packed in the storage room since our bookshelves still haven't made it here from Utah (dang me for renting a truck that was too small).

Trixie said...

I'm glad you left the light bulb over you head. I hear there can be real problems if you leave them anywhere else. ;)

Courtney said...

Those are great ideas! I need to try them, especially not saving the best for last.

Davis family said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. I really need them. I have been so unmotivated with all the treats in the house. I have slowed down on the chocolate now that I ate all of the ones I liked. But I need to get back on the healthy eating and also getting my kids back to a good eating schedule. You're Awesome. Keep those ideas coming.