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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Because She is a Mother

Our family is running a campaign for senator. My son Zac's motto is "a vote for Zac is a vote for greater happiness and peace" (His idea) The pictures were done by my brilliant husband. While we were making these, I had an epiphany, I am no longer in the "young mother" division of motherhood. Don't pity me, I have been looking forward to being 40 for years, ask anyone.

The days where I was raising three little ones with a husband who worked lots of overtime, had a busy calling and was taking classes for work hopefully are over. One night during that time on the way home from swimming lessons I drove home to an all dark house. I knew what was in store for me, more of the same, grumpy tired kids out of the car, grumpy tired kids forced to eat, to get jammies on and into bed, and I would be doing it all alone – again. My patience level was blinking the red warning light and so I kept driving until I could face the night routine. One of my favorite hymns at that time was "Abide with Me Tis Eventide" It was hard to do everything alone without bathing my insides with ice cream, so I pleaded with the Lord to be with me. On the nights I remembered to do that He would be there, but like everything, that was the trick, remembering I had a resource in Him.

It was during this young mother stage that I heard a talk that changed my attitude and I was so grateful, click here to read Elder Hollands talk entitled ""Because She Is a Mother" If you are a young mother, God bless you! If you are done with that, He already did - so pass on the wisdom.

I am off to laminate campaign buttons, have a great day.


Thorny Tree Lady said...

Hi. I found your blog via Millie's. Your two most recent posts were inspiring. Thank you for your words and your example. And those pics for the campaign look awesome! I'd vote for him!

Yvonne said...

That talk by Elder Holland is one of my favorites. I have only one 16 y.o. at home but I remember those days of having little ones at home. It was tough and my husband did a fair amount of travelling and had callings which not only took him out of the house quite often, but to a different ward on Sundays. I was grateful to know that even though he wasn't there I wasn't alone--we're never alone.

Kimberly said...

Too funny! And thanks for the awesome insights.

Courtney said...

I am in the middle of young mother stage. I'm 26 years old and with kids ranging from 3 month to 4 years. Can't wait to read the talk

Amy said...

You are a fabulous mother - I can tell. Thank you for further insight into your life and how we can all cope!

Rebecca said...

My kids are 7, 5 and 2. My husband is gone a lot with work, school and church callings. I can't wait to read this talk!

Lucy said...

I get all panicky when I see really young mothers, because I think, "I'm not a young mother anymore!" But with your description...I think I still am. So...yay???

Calamity Jane said...

thorny tree lady, I am so glad you found me, the election is tommorow, so come on and cast a vote!

Yvonne, so true, why do we forget so often?

Kimberly, I am glad you think they are awesome. that means alot coming from a professional blogger!

courtney, amy, rebecca, I think you should start a young mom support group, ie: "my name is (fill in the blank) and it has been 3 days since I have talked to an adult.

amy, Today I was not so fabulous, I am still learning these things too, I apparently am registered at adversity university along with everyone else, I just don't think I got the sylabus.

Lucy, yep you are still a young whipper snapper, when you get to be my age anyone who can get pictures off a digital camera onto a blog without husbands help shows you have a young brain. so, you're welcome, I think...(you know appearing helpless on the computer really can be a useful crutch)

ok, I know there are many 39 year olds who can do just that, just don't tell me all about it, let me bask in my geratol moment.

Rebecca said...

Hee hee, it hasn't been quite three days since I talked to an adult. I went to church Sunday.

At least since I'm homeschooling, we go out at least twice a week to a PE class and library storytime. Getting out once in a while is essential.

Off topic question, how on earth do you cope with the extreme PMS hunger? (That is if you have that or maybe I'm just crazy.) I'm not coping too well with it today. Been stepping up the workouts, so I'm more hungry from that too. Trying to eat as healthily as I can and not overeat, but I'm constantly hungry!

Trixie said...

During the RS broadcast the quote, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" placed the role of motherhood back on its sacred alter and spotlighted the impact our time and teachings have on civilization. Driving home to a dark house with a car brimming with tired, hungry kids, the role of motherhood seems no better than a 20 year sentence in a Soviet gulag.

I'm glad you thought to bring in the peace and help of the spirit thru the hymns. I thank the Lord we have so many ways to reach out for spiritual strength -especially when we haven't spoken to an adult in 3 days!

Jennifer B. said...

Good luck in your campaign.
I love that talk. It only occurs to me now (after reading your post) that many young moms are perhaps too young to have appreciated the talk when it was given. Thanks for making me feel old. I mean, I will pass it on to a few friends =)

Carrot Jello said...

I don't know if he should run for senator, he's getting a big head already. Ar ar.

Calamity Jane said...

Trixie, I am glad you are posting comments, you have always had a wonderful way of putting the spirit in stuff, but better that you likened the very bad days of mothering to the soviet gulag. I couldn't have said it better

Jennifer B, It is strange, but those young mothers now were our babysitters when we were young mothers. How weird, and wonderful

The Lazy Organizer said...

I do not miss those days either. I have tried my best to forget them but the problem is I'm still living them!

Actually things are much better now that my older two are 8 and 10. Even though I still have a two year old and one on the way at least I have the older kids to help and fight and break things in case I thought my job was getting too easy.

My husband gets mad when I call myself a single mother with a paycheck and a long distance relationship but honey, if you don't live here then I am a single mother!

Rebecca said...

I read the talk and thank you for posting it. It reminds me that I need to pray more fervently about my children and how to best fulfill my role.