Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Evasive Manuvers of My Dieting

*This week I am going to post specific tricks I used to help me battle my worst enemies. Maybe you share some of them too

#1 Movie Theatre Popcorn.

I have been on my share of "creative dates" I have eaten in an elevator and in the middle of the mall. and I have learned my abc's backward while mini-golfing and I have gone grocery shopping while speaking a pretend foreign language.* Each of these dates had one thing in common: I wished we were at a movie. I love movies - and a refillable tub of popcorn ("butter?" - "why yes!") The ultimate escape. I still can see myself sitting in a dark theatre, my cupped hand forming a popcorn trough and eating like a horse.

Everyone remember when the hammer hit?

"The culprit is not the popcorn itself but the superfatty coconut oil that most theaters use to pop it. That and the butter -- hydrogenated soybean oil in most cases -- that's drizzled on top. A medium-size buttered popcorn, the report said, contains more fat than a breakfast of bacon and eggs, a Big Mac and fries and a steak dinner combined." (The complete article)

Dang. My world was crushed, what was that about ignorance? I had to learn another way. Now, don't get me wrong, I just indulged while at "Becoming Jane", but I shared, and we all only finished half of a medium, I am not perfect, but this trick has kept me away from the stuff for over a year.

The afternoon before my movie I make lunch as usual - but it is popcorn, I grab a brown paper lunch sack put 2-3 handfuls of popcorn, fold the top over 2 or 3 times, put it in the microwave, push the "popcorn" button, and viola! Hot air popcorn! I had to improvise with this because I gave my popper to the D.I. when microwave popcorn was invented. I could use the light kind of microwave popcorn, but it was hopeless as a diet food because I was melting butter and putting that on top of it for flavor, and the yummy kind is practically poisionous so it is of no use to me.

Back to my version of microwave popcorn, depending on what the scale said that morning I put some real butter on (1/2 - 1 Tbls) it or just spritz it with water and sprinkle butter popcorn salt on it. I eat and enjoy until I am completely full and satisfied. I then buy a small box of junior mints at the store and when faced with temptation at the theatre my stomach is fortified and I can march right by consessions. The money saving is immense and my husband is willing to take me to more movies. Great for all! Enjoy the show!

* I was not referring to my husband - I have not ever had to endure "creative dating" with him. He knows how to treat a girl to a great night out!

-I just heard on the Today Show that it costs 5 cents for 5 cups of popped popcorn from just the seeds, and is less than 200 calories. So my microwave method can make you a gazillionaire if you saved the money you would have spent on movie or store bought microwave popcorn - and won the lottery. Yea!!!


Davis family said...

That is a great way to manage your "needs" and cravings at the movies. I love movies too. and if the popcorn is bought I can't say no. So we have stopped buying it, if we are alone. But if we are with others, they buy it, and then I feel my motivation slip. I will try your ideas.

Lucy said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Yesterday, I was trying to talk myself into believing that I can also "do hard things" but there is still this doubt in my mind that says, "well...those aren't really that hard for me to do." But, I find you inspiring and motivating and really, very entertaining. Thanks for introducing yourself.

One perk? I don't actually like movie popcorn. A tender mercy.

Trixie said...

Do you remember chaperoning one of my dates and the car we (you, me and Aaron) were driving was unable to go in reverse? After parking at the gas station and movie parking lots you and the guy had to push it backwards while I steered the car!? You could have afforded the movie popcorn calories that night! Good popcorn hint! What brand works best?

Calamity Jane said...

I find that Orville's popcorn is the best, more kernels pop, but when I use generic, I just re-pop the kernels - the second time around they seem to be more delicious. Just listen - they burn faster.

Thankyou Trixi for not marrying Aaron, I think my hip went out that night.

mindyluwho said...

I have an air popper, but it's a pain to pull it out for just a little snack, so I'm going to try your version of microwave popcorn. Thanks!

I have something to share. I love sweets and that has been my biggest downfall. So to battle this I don't deprive myself of them, instead I limit myself to one treat per day of about 200-300 calories. I try to save it until the afternoon when my cravings kick in. If I know I am going to be somewhere in the evening where there will be treats I eat something more healthy in the afternoon, usually something crunchy as that seems to help the craving, and then in the evening I get to have my cake and eat it too!

spidermom said...

I just recently developed a love for movie theater popcorn... why couldn't it be a love for raw brocoli or spinach?? I use my air popper all the time but love your idea for "homemade" microwave popcorn! I spriz with I can't believe its not butter spray...chemical romance I know... but tasty.

General Wolfe said...

I like it when you avoid eating the movie theater popcorn so I can have it all to myself!!! :)

Suzanne said...

I love reading your blog. I've told friends about it (I hope you don't mind.) because it's so inspiring. Since you sort of mentioned requests, though, I'd love to hear you talk in more detail sometime about your early days of exercising. I've found that whenever I read about how to "just do it", the writer is already, at the least, a relatively fit and mobile person. I mean to say, they don't talk about the psychological or physical struggles with safely moving a hundred or more pounds of excess weight with any degree of grace or agility. Are there fat women (sorry if that term offends, but I am, so I'm referring to other women like myself) out there who are exercising successfully and talking about it, writing about it? Or by nature of exercise, do you just melt into a skinny person once you set the triathalon goal and achieve it enough to write and inspire others to do it?

Calamity Jane said...

Great ideas everyone! Keep them coming! I love the input.
Suzanne I know just where you are coming from. In the beginning I really hurt. After walking the first month, I suffered from intense heel pain. I found out that it was called plantar faciitis. It hurt to get out of bed in the moring, the first step put me on my hands and knees. I saw a doctor, He said I needed to find what my stride was - I found out that I "over-pronated" I went to a good shoe store and found wonderful shoes. That made a huge difference, I read up on the condition, and found streches and things I could do to correct, and prevent.

I found that if there is pain there is usually something you can do to fix it. Did you know that if your inner thighs chafe too much and create a rash when excercising you can apply vasoline? I also had to put it under my arms where I rubbed on my jog bra. Life changing...

I broke a bone in my foot twice during this time, and so I went to my gym and just lifted weights because I could not do areobic excercise. We fat girls are strong, and really can use it to our advantage. Did you know that fat is burned faster with the resistance training that builds muscle? On bad days, I hated to be seen at the gym, I was afraid of seeing anyone I knew and being openly mocked, So some mornings I would just do push-ups against a wall - I offered plenty of resistance - or squats while I was drying my hair.

My goals in the beginning was just to walk, to move, to play, to get off my duff (fancy word for the b word I won't let my kids say). I tried to be accountable and not give up. The things that discourage can be helped and eliminated with just a little knowledge. If you are having a hard time with it, chances are others have and found a better way. Dont be afraid to ask,

If anyone has any things that have worked post them. We could really help each other. I loved mindyluwho and her treat idea, and spidermom, Wow I never knew about "I can't believe its not butter spray" I am off to the store.

Heffalump said...

Ah...popcorn. Definately a weakness of mine. I remember getting extra butter on my popcorn at a movie once, but when we got to the bottom of the bucket, there was about an inch of melted butter in the bottom. It was disgusting.
Luckily I don't go to the movies often. Maybe once every three years or so. We do make popcorn here at home though...uh oh.

Tara said...

I'm not a huge movie fan but I am certainly a fan of the popcorn! I love your tips and will think twice about ordering it next time. I always knew it was overpriced but I'd didn't know to what extent. And I never would've guessed that many calories were involved!

Yvonne said...

I love ging to the movies--especially to eat the popcorn. Had no idea that it was that bad calorie wise. Thanks for this idea. Love your blog.

Natalie said...

Oh....I love movie popcorn, but never with the butter on top. I guess I'm lucky that I've never been a butter fan. I know it's still fattening without it. We usually order a small to share. But with a toddler and an infant I'm not sure when I'll get to see the inside of a movie house again. LOL! Interesting post, I didn't know you could pop popcorn like that in a bag...I'm going to have to buy some seeds and do it! Yum!