Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

things I know...

I have a crazy memory. It's a bit like rainman...10% as good, but just as annoying, really random and to some a wee bit scary.

I have quotes and poetry sitting in my head from the 70s on up. I can quote sing the entire Tab commercial for you. I can quote an obscure commericial for a cereal called Raisins Rice and Rye. "B'gosh B'gum B'golly..."

When I was 14 I went to a youth conference and learned a poem;


While it plays well to a crowd of teenagers, I now know It is only partly true. Fate happens, sometimes the chance card I draw sends me to jail and doesn't let me pass go or collect $200 no matter how determined I am.

I do know that determination paired with patience, cleverness and introspecton can get me through everything..

Thanks to life experience I KNOW having a hysterectomy sucks. It has taken so much away from me this past month. I have all the determination in the world, but my body resigned on me and took a holiday to "heal"(said dripping in angry sarcasm).

I know that this means I will read more and watch record levels of TV. My favorite companion to these activities is eating
Lots of food
All kinds of food

My clever soul has decided to combat this with embroidery, drawing, texting carrot until I can't control my bladder, and posting from my little phone. Empty hands are Ben and Jerry's workshop. So far, so good, my weight has stayed the same.

My cousin discovered she has sleep apena.

She found out the the machine and she said to me she has lost 50 pounds and doesn't need any naps! She has more energy and she said "the weight falls off"

So what I know is that as we get older there are reasons we gain weight that go beyond not eating healthy and not exercising.

If you have bad knees, then of course you don't want to run. Use your cleverness and pair it with determination and see a doctor, get your knees help with good shoes, or go to a pool.

If you can't eat healthy because of money and or time get your clever determined mind to learn how to fix that problem

If you just don't have time, or don't care if you are unhealthy any more...figure out why.

This Sunday was stake conference and the visiting speaker said we should go to the temple with a question. I thought, "I don't really wonder anything, I am too busy to wonder...."

The answer came like a ton of bricks.

"It you don't have any questions, then you aren't taking time to think, ponder and pray."

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates

I know that's right...


Heffalump said...

You always make me think! In a good way of course...
I hope your body heals quickly and rejoins your mind in the battles of daily life!

Calamity Jane said...

Thank you heffalump, for your comment. Life isn't so bad. My thumbs are buff...

I am watching BBC's persuasion today. Makes my embriodery seem so fashionable!

You were so fast to post a comment! You are the winner of my gold star promptness award!

Carrot Jello said...

O.k., you have made me laugh like three different times today.
First the Don Gato weight and age comment on my blog, then with the "Ben and Jerry's workshop", followed up with "I don't really wonder anything" on your blog.
You are on a roll my friend.
And it's not a fat roll either.
You might want to get off it though, because I was saving it for my lunch.
Thanks for keeping it warm.

Carrot Jello said...

"I know that's right."
Mm hmmmm.

Lefty said...

I've been meaning to call you since I've heard of your surgery and all. I don't know if you know but I've been suffering with the migraine thing for a few years now. Actually, the past few months I haven't been struggling with them and I have a few theories. Anyway, I will be a better cousin soon and call. For some reason, commenting on blogs is easier...

Calamity Jane said...

Carrot, I am so glad you caught the "I know that's right..."
so far I have succeeded in my last years goal to incorporate that phrase it into my everyday life.

I think such a sassy retort can't do anything but make me a better woman.

The problem is, how do I show my neck scooting back, lips pursed, hand on hip while the other hand scoots around in a sassy snap in text.

I felt it when you said "mmmmmm." That just may be the key. I hear your attitude...

I KNOW that's right.....

Hey trade you an arm full of gossipy mags for those books you keep promising me...I just read a book on BOXING!!! *the power of one* amazing, but still...

Help me I am getting desperate..."dodododeee, but not seirous...doobeedooo"

Calamity Jane said...

Lefty!!! You are an angel to post a comment! For some weird reason I would rather have a comment than a call anyday!!! I like to have something to read over and over,

I sound like a grandma....

So far so good with the migraines. In a round about way this surgery was the answer for me. I had a condition called adenmyosis, There were lots of problems that accompanied it. my dr lovingly said I had a "boggy uterus". It made me sing..."please take my parts, my boggy soggy parts.." my dr figures that a hormone that is given off when you lose too much blood can cause migraines. Everyone gets them for different reasons, but for me I have gone a month without them, I guess its a sign we did the right thing

Just stinks that everything else hurts now

I was keeping the old girl around for sentimental reasons, so it was time we parted.

Hope to see you and your fam sometime!

Carrot Jello said...

Ooh, you must be psychic. I was going to call you today and see if you needed any funny books to read.
You have to give them back.
I could be your own personal library.

Nathan said...

So ... Carrot Jello just mentioned you were stuck in bed, but she didn't say why.

I'm so sorry. I've known several who have had to have that surgery, and it's hard on so many levels.

SuburbiaMom said...

I found a way to eat healthy for cheap--growing your own organic garden!!

You are so funny and don't worry--you aren't missing out on much!

Calamity Jane said...

Carrot, I owe so much money to the library...I would hate to owe you too...let's call these books a "gift that I should plan on enjoying and should plan on returning, but that if you see them in my bookshelf 3 years hence you will just quietly grab them and forgive immediately and chalk it up to my being so much older than you.

Nathan thanks for your kind and sensitive words. I feel a bit like a shmuck being so silly on your blog! Humor for me is my way of cheering me up....and as stated before, its all about me!

Suburbia mom: your words that I'm not missing much were suprisingly comforting and knocked me back into reality. Kudos on the garden. I once watched as my sister bit into a slug crawling from her sandwiche's lettuce fresh from the garden and I haven't been the same since. Must be a pavlovian thing,

Readers, seems today is a special I answer every comment day. How nice!

Heidi said...

Hi Calamity! I just love you so much. It was so much fun sitting with you on the couch at stake conference. How awesome is it we're in the same stake? We have a guaranteed visit twice a year! :) But really, it should be more often since we live so close...
What good wisdom you dish out, cuz. You've always been so wise.
But isn't it always easier to be wise in retrospect than in the moment?
Also, if you want something really fun to watch, and if you have Comcast, you can go to the "On Demand" feature, go to Health and Nature/KCTS 9/ Cranford Returns.
Channel 9 posts their latest offering of the Masterpiece series every week on that spot. Next Sunday night the Masterpiece Classic offering will be a new Emma. When they advertised it, they used adjectives that perfectly described MY Emma! How funny that they just know her like that! (or maybe we named her aptly)
I'll be calling you soon to set up a date for you to come over. We can lounge and watch fun Miss Marple DVDs that I have courtesty of my sister one Christmas, and we can do embroidery. I love hand-sewing projects as well.
Love you cuz!!!

Nathan said...

Calamity Jane, I'm always, ALWAYS up for a good laugh.

Humor really is the best medicine out there.

Keep it up. :)

MJJ said...

Very insightful. Great post.