Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

thank you

Thank you every body for the welcome back comments, and thank you dear husband for my cool g1 phone which let's me post from my recliner!! One comment asked if a hyst is similar to a csection. I looked up my favorite hyst blog and. found that they are not: highlights: "peeling the bladder off the routing, cutting nerves and blood vessels etc..." this oddly enough gave me comfort...I was really feeling like a healing loser.

I Compared myself to friends and the iron mamas in my ward that are throwing babies around, running and prancing around in swimwear after 2 weeks of having a baby cut out. My sister bragged that she was back to church in a week, I am horribly competitive and was sure that even though the dr said 4-6 weeks I wanted to be the bionic woman too, so I dressed on my first Sunday excitedly anticipating the christmas program. And, met with abject failure and tears.

One of the points of my blog has always been that God hears and answers prayers. If losing weight means lots to you then it means lots to Him. He cares and provides. I have so many examples of miracles but will just share 2. My husband moved the furniture in a crazy way that messed with my head. I asked for a change, but my dh was so tired and overwhelmed that I quickly retracted my request. On the Monday after christmas my sister came to help clean the mess in my house. When she finished she came to my room and said that she moved my furniture in my family room and hoped I didn't mind. It was just how I wanted it...tender mercy, I know it was a gift from God because Michelle said simply that she had a prayer before she came over.

Yesterday we invited my entire family over to celebrate including my aunt and uncle and cousins who live an hour away. My uncle has terminal cancer and this is probably one of the last times we will get together. Hosting is what the spirit prompted me to do, but I had no ability to clean and "mommy clean" is different than my families standard. They have taken on so much everyone is worn out. I knelt down and described my plight and got up feeling washed with peace. I went out of my room thinking that Heavenly Father was going to grant me the strength to just not care and celebrate in the mess. No sir, my dear neighbor Tammy Summers and her son came unbidden and with their help, my nieces Brynn and Cherstin and my own family my house was more beautiful than I could have dreamed! Tender mercies pop out as friends.

I am getting better every day! I once was a modest mother who refused to let my kids say the word "poop". Life today has morphed me into a lady with pooping envy. I pooped today without aid or pain, I called my husband to share the news. Before this experience I did all I could to make him believe that I didn't engage in any such activity, but you try a week without the afore mentioned activity and you too will revel in the act of bowel movements. I have a new love and reverence for fiber and water... dairy bad, prunes good...But the same reverence and knowledge that God even cares about the little things.

Welcome to my 40's!!!


Michal said...

thanks for the laugh mixed in with the wisdom.

Jennifer B. said...

Love this! It is so true--thank you for sharing.

mindyluwho said...

I so remember the relief of that first potty after having a baby. But that was only after a couple of days. I can't imagine a week!

I love your examples of "tender mercies". Thank you for sharing.

MJJ said...

It is so nice to have you back writting again.

Millie said...

I was so excited to see three new posts from you in my Bloglines feed! Welcome back!

Sorry to hear you had to undergo surgery... yuck. I'd say the biggest difference between a C-section and a hysterectomy is with a C-section, you get to take a cute baby home.

I totally need you this year. I'm so glad you're back :)

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! I had totally forgotten about the pooping problems--sorry I didn't warn you about that. Glad to hear everything came out OK! :)

By the way, the real reason I came to clean is because my kids had been part of the "Johnson" clan all week, so I was just doing my part to clean up after them since they weren't home messing up my house! You've come to my rescue, before. It was my turn. :)

Carrot Jello said...

Um, hi...remember me? Your bragging sister? Perhaps you forgot. Let me remind you,
"Yeah, I had a c-section on Wednesday, and was at church on Sunday..."
Yeah, that's me.
Nice to see that you're blogging again. I found out on accident.
Expect a text message on your phone.

Carrot Jello said...

Uh, I see you wrote something nice about me, and my daughters.
I should have just read the whole post all the way through, eh?

Carrot Jello said...

And congratulations on your first un-painful, un-aided poop.

Mom4ever said...

I'm happy you're blogging again! Even if it's just a few posts while you've got the extra down time, I love reading what you've got to say. :o)