Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

new year new post

I am always going to be on the roller coaster of weight loss. I took off the extra weight, but I battle the same 5 pounds every day. They just want to be back where they are comfortable. So I have to work at it constantly.

Heavenly Father is amazing. I strive to hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I plead with Father in my morning prayers that he will open my ears to hear and recognize those promptings. In the evenings I plead for forgiveness, I am showed what I did wrong, and instead of feeling defeated He makes me feel excited to start fresh and see what course corrections I need to make. I strive to surrender each day to Him and the days I am successful I find that His plans fit me way better than my own.

Oprah said on her best life show something to the effect that her over eating is a sign that she needs balance. We look to her and other celebrities, biggest looser, weight watchers to give us that balance, so that we can become healthy.

We get blinded, loose perspective and forget James 1:5 - "If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not." It is only God who can truly help.

There is no way for me to find balance get healthy and loose weight, without the Lord in my life. I ask, he gives. I complain, he comforts, I am lost, he guides.

He has shown me talents that I didn't even think I could per sue. He keeps my hands busy so that I cant mindlessly shovel food into my mouth. I love Him, and unbelievably, I find He loves me more.


Yvonne said...

He definitely is the one to look to for guidance. Prayer is at the top of my list of goals for 2009--loved Elder Bednar's Conference talk and a post written by a friend. Go here to read her insight--think you will love it:

BTW--you'll love the word verification
"noweat" How ironic ; )

Anonymous said...

Thank You--God heard my prayer--and you followed through. He does care.

Calamity Jane said...

anonymous - I am glad you got me to post. I hope everything is ok. I am sure that this was in direct response to your prayer, because nothing else could get me to post! Thanks for reading.
yvonne - I love that talk too. I have used it often

MJJ said...

That is a beautiful and comforting thought. Thanks

Tammy said...

Thanks for the inspiration! You keep me going while I'm on my own little roller coaster ride!

Amy G said...

I hadn't checked your blog for a while and I'm glad that I did - you really should write a book or at least maybe have your blog printed in the Ensign - I always find your insight to be very inspirational. Thank you for sharing these ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

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