Some people have asked me how I started my weight loss. My first few months in the blog archive explain it all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Watching this past biggest loser got me to thinking...(please no snide remarks - I do think fairly often) Watching their accomplishments I think about mine and try to remember being 70 pounds heavier. I look at my 50 pound 4 year old, lift him up and carry him while groaning under the extra weight. It is hard to believe that I carried more than that on my tummy. No wonder I had sore feet.

While heavy I carried a journal entry around with me in my head which started "...I never meant to wake up at 35 with bad hair, obese and tired, it just sort of happened." I sometimes stood in front of the mirror and wondered at the rolls and folds of my skin, still unable to do anything about it. It was a hard time for me, I only had chocolate, casseroles and dessert to soothe and comfort me. I was looking for peace in a pie.

I received a life changing blessing and decided to listen to promptings of the spirit that directed me how to take care of my body, and to have faith in Christ believing I can "counsel with the lord in all thy doings" I told you about my first prompting from the spirit that I decided to follow: - "Are you two people? Do you want to look like two people? Why do you eat two peoples food? I made a decision to just eat one serving of dinner, one bowl of cereal for breakfast, two small healthy snacks between meals, and even if the sandwich was very good I would eat it slow and not get another.

I know that heavy I would still have been redeemed through the grace of Christ, that heavy I had great worth, but my neighbor is dying of breast cancer. She is fighting to hold on until Christmas is over. Talking to her right after she was told she had just a month I watched as she teared up at the thought of leaving them. I am so grateful for each moment I have with my family. If losing 70 pounds gave me a few more years with them then it was worth it, If it gives my children a happier mom and a healthier life then I am glad I did the hard work that year represented. I am grateful for the promptings that got me there.


Heffalump said...

I am sorry about your neighbor. That must be a terrible thing for her family and her to go through.

Thanks for all your wise words.

mindyluwho said...

This is a much needed post. My mother died from complications to diabetes. I don't want to go down that road, but if I don't do something soon then I will be there. I was doing ok for a few weeks, but the last month I have kind of given in to cravings.

Thank you for continuing to inspire.

Tara said...

You accomplished something really great. I am amazed at your strength and determination. You are such a good example in so many ways.

Lucy said...

I was watching the biggest loser and when the announced (again) that the GRAND prize was 250K, I thought, "You know, these people are losing half of themselves. That is a lot harder than lying, cheating, and eating bugs and people win a million for that."

I think losing that kind of weight is one of the hardest things a person can do. So...yes, you inspire. Especially because you did it without the pressure of a TV audience and Jillian yelling at you only to huskily encourage you later on.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing these personal thoughts with us. You help me remember to make the Lord a part of my weight loss efforts. I always seem to forget that if it is really impormtant to me, then it is important to Him too, and He will help me.

Michal said...

i find the biggest loser inspiring and exciting and encouraging--and i feel the same way about your blog. i appreciate so much that you add the element of the gospel--why is it that we think we have to do this without the Lord's help? thanks for another great post.

Yvonne said...

I haven't caught every episode of The Biggest Loser, but I have enjoyed the ones I've seen. They are so determined.

Once again I appreciate so much your words. I wasn't going to comment because I have been a slacker lately, but I just wanted to know I'm reading.

Rebecca said...

Another great post! I love the part about not finding "peace in a pie". Nice alliteration!